What’S Better Than Dell XPS 13?

Is Dell XPS 13 good for students?

The Dell XPS 13 is a serious workhorse and the best premium laptop for college students.

Powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, the notebook is ready for work or play.

And with more than 11 hours of battery life, you’ve got plenty of time for both..

How long will the Dell XPS 13 last?

4-5 yearsOn the off chance that you get a good unit (which isn’t as hard as I’m making it sound, lol), they’re solidly built machines and you shouldn’t have any issue squeezing 4-5 years (or more) out of them, as long as you don’t require the power for newer CPUs/RAM/etc.

Why Dell XPS is expensive?

Dell XPS series are a premium line of laptops from Dell. They are cheap in US as compared to the prices in India. Dell outlets and other authorized distributors import completely made Dell XPS laptops here in India. … This is why the laptops are more expensive here in India.

Is Dell XPS 13 better than MacBook?

The Dell XPS 13 knocked out the MacBook Pro with a stiff 4-punch combination. The laptop’s entry-level system starts at $1,199 and gives you a current 10th Gen processor instead of an 8th Gen CPU for $1,299. The XPS 13 is smaller and lighter with premium good looks and with a Core i7 processor that has power to spare.

Which is the best Dell laptop to buy?

Compare SpecsThe Best Dell Laptops for 2020Our PicksAlienware m15 R3 See it $1,459.99 at DellDell Inspiron 14 7000 (7490) See it $749.99 at DellLaptop ClassGamingUltraportableProcessorIntel Core i7-10750HIntel Core i5-10210UProcessor Speed2.6 GHz1.6 GHzRAM (as Tested)16 GB8 GB6 more rows

Which laptop brand is best?

Microsoft. … MSI. … Asus. … Acer. … Dell. … Lenovo. … HP. HP also known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest electronics brands that is not as popular as it used to be. … Apple. Apple is definitely one of the luxury brands when it comes to Laptops, Smartphones, Computers and Tablets.More items…

Is the Dell XPS 13 a touch screen?

The Bottom Line The latest Dell XPS 13 Touch delivers the ideal combination of power and prestige, with a sturdy build, a gorgeous QHD+ touch screen, a speedy new processor, and USB-C port with Thunderbolt support. PCMag editors select and review products independently.

Is Lenovo better than Dell?

If you’re trying to decide between Dell and Lenovo, then generally you can look to Dell for higher quality laptops (like their XPS series), although the Thinkpad is an exception to this rule. Lenovo are the best choice if you’re trying to get yourself a well priced laptop.

Why Dell XPS 13 is the best?

The XPS 13 delivers some of the best overall performance in its class thanks to its 10th Gen Intel CPU, and its snappy keyboard and larger touchpad make it perfect for staying productive over long stretches.

Which Dell XPS is the best?

Through simply being more substantial, the XPS 15 can offer more powerful hardware overall, but the XPS 13 is by far the most portable. Both are excellent, but the choice will ultimately come down to what you want to do with it.

Is Dell Inspiron better than XPS?

That price buys you better build quality, a slightly more efficient keyboard, a thinner chassis, and improved battery life. The Inspiron 15 7000 isn’t horrible in any of these areas, but the XPS 15’s benefits are worth the cost. It’s a closer race than I expected, but ultimately the XPS 15 is the better laptop.

Is the new Dell XPS worth it?

But with great performance and a gorgeous display packed into an attractive, slim package, the new Dell XPS 15 is one of the best laptops you can buy if you’re seeking a larger productivity machine.

Is Dell XPS 13 reliable?

The Dell XPS 13 is a fantastic laptop held back by a few failures, most of which are issues traditionally associated with Dell and others. The design, build, look and physical function of the laptop is top-class. The 4K screen is simply gorgeous, with tiny bezels all around.

Does the Dell XPS 13 overheat?

Tech site Notebookcheck identified three newly-released laptops that overheat in Modern Standby mode: the Dell XPS 13 (7590), Asus ZenBook 15 and Lenovo IdeaPad S740 15. The Lenovo had the most serious problems, consuming 27.4 watts of power when the lid was closed and the laptop was in sleep mode.

How long does Dell XPS last?

around 8 monthsYep, maff is correct, a XPS lasts around 8 months.

Is it worth buying Dell XPS 13?

Dell is still charging a price premium for this package, and you’ll pay a little more for the XPS 13 than some of its direct competitors (Apple aside). But most people will be satisfied with the mid-tier $1,299 model and I don’t think anyone will feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth with this laptop.

Is HP better than Dell?

If you need an inexpensive but reliable laptop, you should choose Dell. … Dell’s Alienware offers you much better gaming performance than any HP laptop. However, if you need a healthy combination of power and price, choose HP laptops. They offer you a beautiful design, excellent quality, and powerful hardware.

Do Dell XPS laptops last?

So yes, Dell’s top of the line machines are going to be pretty darn reliable. I own both a Dell XPS 8700 desktop machine and a Dell XPS 13 laptop, which I’m typing this answer on right now. The XPS 8700 has lasted me about three years with absolutely no problems. I’ve upgraded it several times even.

What is the best Dell desktop for home use?

The best desktop computer you can buy is the Dell XPS 8940. While building your own computer will always get you the best performance per dollar, the XPS 8940 is the best prebuilt PC you can buy, whether that’s for a family room at home or for a student dorm room.

Which Dell series is best?

Best Dell Laptop 2020Best overall: Dell XPS 13 (9310)Portable gaming: Dell Alienware m15.Budget-friendly: Inspiron 15 (3593)Best for media professionals: Dell XPS 15 (9500)Business laptop: Dell Latitude 2-in-1 (7400)Best convertible: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (7390)Ultimate performance: Dell Precision 15 (5540)