What Is An Equation Of A Horizontal Line?

What is the equation of a horizontal line through (- 4 6?

In a horizontal line the y value remains the same.

In the point ( -4.

-6 ) the y value is -6.

the point notation is always written as ( x, y)..

What is an equation of the horizontal line that passes through 5 − 7?

The point (a,b) is (5,7) . Therefore, the equation of the line is y=7 .

What is an example of a horizontal line?

An equation that only crosses the y-axis is a horizontal line. … For example: y=5 is a horizontal line that crosses the y-axis at (0,5).

What is the slope of any horizontal line?

Slope of a horizontal line. When two points have the same y-value, it means they lie on a horizontal line. The slope of such a line is 0, and you will also find this by using the slope formula.