What Does Dor Mean?

What does so mean in court?

preceding case or orderA term used in case law and written at the end of a case or order of a court indicating or emphasizing that the preceding case or order is in fact ordered by the court..

What does Dor mean in text?

Day of RestDOR — Day of Rest.

What does Dor mean in medical terms?

Decreased Ovarian ReserveInfertility / Decreased Ovarian Reserve (DOR)

A D.O.R. is a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed. This is the document that is filed with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to request a hearing date.

What is a DOR in business?

DOR. Due Upon Receipt. DOR. Description of Requirements. showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all 54 definitions)

What does Dor mean in fertility?

Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) is a condition in which the ovary loses its normal reproductive potential, compromising fertility. The condition may result from disease or injury, but most commonly occurs as a result of normal aging.

What is Dor retail?

About Dor. Dor is a modern foot traffic counting and analytics solution that helps retailers grow their business through optimized staffing, improved marketing and increased conversion rate.

What does the acronym DOR mean?

DORAcronymDefinitionDORDate Of RequestDORDrop on RequestDORDesign Office Review (Department of Colorado)DORDuty Officer’s Report52 more rows

What is Army Dor?

Department of Defense. DOR. Date of rank. DPCA/ Director of Personnel and Community Activities/

What does Dor stand for in construction?

designer of recorddesigner of record (DoR) is the person who is formally designated as the designer. DoR is the abbreviation for designer of record.

What does IBT mean in business?

Income Before TaxesWhat does IBT stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningIBTIncome Before TaxesIBTInstitute of Business and TechnologyIBTInter-Branch TransferIBTInvestors Bank and Trust10 more rows

What does Oi mean in court?

the Office of InvestigationsI wish to inform you that OI is the Office of Investigations.

What does and mean in law?

Any combination of two options; one, the other (either), or both. In law, it is synonymous with “or” which is taken to mean the same thing, and which is a preferred term for the concept of “either or both”, which and/or attempts to convey.