What Actors Are 61 Years Old?

How old are some famous actors?

Here Is the Most Famous Actor the Same Age as You17 Years Old — Cameron Boyce.

Actor Score: 29.

18 Years Old — Jaden Smith.

Actor Score: 66.

19 Years Old — Asa Butterfield.

Actor Score: 45.

20 Years Old — Tom Holland.

Actor Score: 52.

21 Years Old — Troye Sivan.

Actor Score: 43.

22 Years Old — Ansel Elgort.

23 Years Old — Josh Hutcherson.

24 Years Old — Logan Lerman.More items….

What actors are 53 years old?

53 Year Old ActorsVin Diesel.Matt LeBlanc.Will Ferrell.Jamie Foxx.Mark Ruffalo.Jason Statham.Akshay Kumar.John Barrowman.More items…

Who is the oldest celebrity in the world?

8 Oldest Celebrities in the World (Updated 2020)Elisabeth Waldo (June 18, 1918 – Present) Current Age (as of March 2020): 101 years, 9 months, 1 day. … Marsha Hunt (October 17, 1917 – Present) … Vera Lynn (March 20, 1917 – Present) … Olivia de Havilland (July 1, 1916 – Present) … Beverly Cleary (April 12, 1916 – Present)

What actors are 75 years old?

75 Year Old ActorsTom Selleck.Steve Martin.Henry Winkler.John Lithgow.Tim Reid.Burt Ward.Jeremy Bulloch.Barry Bostwick.More items…

10 Years OldNaz Norris. YouTube Star.Ferran The Fashion King. Instagram Star.Heaven King. Instagram Star.Evelin Bennett. YouTube Star.Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Family Member.Addy Maxwell. YouTube Star.Payton Yeager. YouTube Star.Brock Butler. YouTube Star.More items…

What famous actors are 74 years old?

74 Year Old ActorsSylvester Stallone.Tim Curry.Ed O’Neill.Tommy Lee Jones.Danny Glover.Frank Welker. Voice Actor.Cheech Marin.Anthony Daniels.More items…

What actors are 70 years old?

Who turned 70 in 2019? Meryl Streep celebrated her 70th birthday this year….Take a look at this list and find out.Meryl Streep. … Richard Gere. … Bruce Springsteen. … Jeff Bridges. … Pam Grier. … Jessica Lange. … Sigourney Weaver. … Caitlyn Jenner.

What actors are 59 years old?

59 Year Old ActorsGeorge Clooney.Eddie Murphy.Ralph Macchio.Michael J. Fox.Eugenio Derbez.Woody Harrelson.Bruno Amato.Robert Carlyle.More items…

Is 59 years old old?

In America, one researcher found that you are considered old at 70 to 71 years of age for men and 73 to 73 for women. Just under a decade ago in Britain, people believed old age started at 59. … Now, however, with an unexpected boom in people over the age of 65, you are considered old when you reach the age of 70.

Who turns 60 this year?

Julianne Moore and Tilda Swinton are a few of the actresses born in 1960. Other 60 year old actors and actresses include Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, and Elizabeth Perkins. Bono is another of the famous people turning 60 in 2020. You might find some of your favorites among the celebrities that are 60 years old.

What actors are 60 years old?

60 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 60 This YearEmma Thompson. Emma Thompson, the British star of countless films, from Much Ado About Nothing to Love Actually to Saving Mr. … Magic Johnson. Shutterstock. … Jason Alexander. By George! … Simon Cowell. Shutterstock. … Val Kilmer. … Kevin Spacey. … Hugh Laurie. … Marie Osmond.More items…•

Who turned 61 today?

61 Years OldSimon Cowell. Talent Manager.Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. Reality Star.Magic Johnson. Basketball Player.Mike Pence. Politician.Weird Al Yankovic. Pop Singer.Rachel Renee Russell. Children’s Author.Dave Coulier. TV Actor.Emma Thompson. Movie Actress.More items…

What actors are 62 years old?

62 Year Old ActorsAlec Baldwin.Gary Oldman.Peter Capaldi.Kevin Bacon.Ned Luke. Voice Actor.Viggo Mortensen.Ray Romano.Scott Patterson.More items…

What celebrities are 50 years old?

50 Years OldMariah Carey. Pop Singer.Melania Trump. First Lady.Suga Free. Rapper.Holly Frazier. Reality Star.Queen Latifah. Movie Actress.Matt Damon. Movie Actor.Skeet Ulrich. Movie Actor.Taraji P. Henson. Movie Actress.More items…

How old is the youngest celebrity?

Say what you will about Kylie Jenner, but at just 19 years old, she has built a cosmetics empire. Jenner is the youngest celebrities on Forbes’ new rankings of the 100 highest paid celebrities in the world — and is about four years the junior of the next youngest, Justin Bieber.

Who is the greatest actor of all times?

Denzel Washington. There was a moment at the Oscars this year where the camera cuts over to Denzel Washington as Casey Affleck takes home the award for Best Actor over him. … Dustin Hoffman. … Tom Hanks. … James Stewart. … Lawrence Olivier. … Daniel Day-Lewis. … Al Pacino. … Jack Nicholson.More items…•