Quick Answer: Which Atari Games Are Worth Money?

Will Atari 2600 work on a modern TV?

Will Atari 2600 work with a modern TV.

Using an adapter, yes, it’s possible to connect Atari to modern TV sets.

Atari 2600s have an integrated RCA cable that fits in the composite or component inputs on modern TVs, but the signal isn’t compatible..

How much were Atari 2600 games?

By 1982 the 2600 console cost Atari about $40 to make and sold for an average of $125. The company spent $4.50 to $6 to manufacture its cartridges, plus $1 to $2 for advertising, and sold them for $18.95 wholesale.

How much is Space Invaders for Atari worth?

Space Invaders Atari 2600Sale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price2020-10-18SPACE INVADERS – COMPLETE IN BOX – ATARI 2600 with manual$12.002020-10-16Complete Space Invaders Atari 2600 Video Game System$19.992020-10-12ATARI 2600 SPACE INVADERS Game w/ Manual & Box Tested Works Clean$26.0027 more rows

What is the Atari 2600 worth today?

If you have a Four Switch Woodgrain console, an Atari 2600 Jr, or a “Darth Vader”, they’re worth approximately 30-50 dollars. A Heavy Sixer is probably worth upwards of 60, whereas a Light Sixer will be about $40-$50.

Where can I sell my old Atari games?

There are many places to sell your old Atari. Probably one of the best places for you to sell it is online locally. Many people use Facebook Marketplace or local Facebook groups that allow people to post items for sale. Other people have taken it to pawn shops, or sold it online using Ebay.

How much is Atari Pac Man worth?

Pac-Man Atari 2600Sale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price2020-09-25vintage Atari 2600 Pac Man$0.552020-09-25Vintage Atari 2600 Pac-man$2.002020-09-25Vintage atari 2600 pac-man$1.002020-09-23Pac-Man & Three Sports Games for Atari 2600 (cleaned and tested)$6.9826 more rows

What is the rarest game ever?

Gamma Attack1. “Gamma Attack” (Atari 2600): $20,000-$50,000. This Atari 2600 game is arguably the rarest video game available. Only one cartridge was produced by gaming company Gammation, and it currently is owned by collector Anthony DeNardo, according to RacketBoy.

What is the rarest console?

Nintendo PlayStationThere are still 22 days left to go, in which time you could claim the infamous console as your own. As the only one of its kind, the Nintendo PlayStation is considered the world’s rarest console in existence.

Where can I sell my Atari 2600 and games?

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Clad in its distinctive and iconic wood panel design, the Atari 2600 is also touted as the console to popularize microprocessor-based design and pioneered the use of ROM cartridges. The Atari 2600 became the best-selling Christmas gift in North America in 1979 and brought home arcade classic Space Invaders in 1980.

Did Steve Jobs Work at Atari?

Everyone knows Steve Jobs as the genius who made Apple a tech goliath. But Jobs wasn’t born as Apple’s CEO. After he dropped out of Reed College, Jobs started working at Atari as a technician. In a Reddit AMA, Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell explained why he put Jobs on the night shift.

How much is an original Atari worth now?

Dear OSG, It’s true that prices vary wildly for Atari 2600 consoles: we’ve seen second-hand units go for between $15 and $1000+. The value of your system will depend on which version you own (there are several), its overall condition and the rarity of the included games.