Quick Answer: Where Do I Find Report ID In Salesforce?

What is schema class in Salesforce?

INTRODUCTION: Schema is a Namespace which is referred as Database.

Basically a schema class is used to make a dynamic application.

One of the best parts of Using Schema Class is you can query any object and there fields without using any Soql query.

you can directly interact with the database using schema methods..

What is the use of schema in Salesforce?

Schema Builder provides a dynamic environment for viewing and modifying all the objects and relationships in your app. This greatly simplifies the task of designing, implementing, and modifying your data model, or schema. Schema Builder is enabled by default.

What is System assert in Salesforce?

When developing a Test class in Salesforce, System. Assert enables you to test your assumptions about your code. This is useful to verify the business logic in the Apex Classes you have created. … Normally, we will not use it on Trigger or Apex class but it is a good practice to include it in the Test Class.

What is sObject in Salesforce?

The Account sObject is an abstraction of the account record and holds the account field information in memory as an object. … Standard and custom object records in Salesforce map to their sObject types in Apex. Here are some common sObject type names in Apex used for standard objects.

How do I use API tool?

We can accomplish following tasks using Tooling API:Fetch the metadata about Visualforce Pages, Apex Triggers, Apex classes.Get the metadata about an object’s field.Get the Code Coverage details of Apex Classes and Triggers.Retrieve metadata of custom and standard object properties.More items…•

How do I find my salesforce ID name?

Execute the following snippet of code in the Developer Console to find the Object name based on the Record ID prefix: String objectName = SchemaGlobalDescribe. findObjectNameFromRecordIdPrefix(‘500’); System. debug(objectName);

Where is the Salesforce account ID?

You can find the Salesforce User ID within that URL by looking for the 12-digit string of numbers that starts after “u=” and ends at “&”. It will always being with “005”.

How do I use a database query in Salesforce?

To create a dynamic SOQL query at run time, use the database query method, in one of the following ways.Return a single sObject when the query returns a single record: sObject s = Database. … Return a list of sObjects when the query returns more than a single record: List sobjList = Database.