Quick Answer: What Do You Get For Catching The Hylian Loach?

How do you catch a Reekfish?

Now it’s time to catch a reekfish.

They can be found in the waterfall basin at the base of Zora’s domain near near the Mother-and-child rocks (the two pillars sticking out of the water on the West side.) Drop the lure into the water, bob it up and down, and then pull back once a fish swims for the hook..

How do you catch the big fish in Zelda Ocarina?

The best way to catch the largest fish, either as a child or as an adult, is once you walk into the pond, walk to the left around the pond and then carefully make your way so you are standing on top of the arched log near the center of the pond.

Where do you get the sinking lure in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of TimeOn the big underwater rock by the stream.Hidden in an underwater rock by the three poles surfacing from the water on the east side of the pond.On the arched log to the west of the pond.In the grass on the northern wall of the pond.

What do fish do in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, small Fish can be captured in Bottles, and are needed to gain entrance to Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly. Fish can be scooped into a Bottle in Zora’s Domain, or alternately bought at the Medicine Shop or the Zora Shop for 200 Rupees. Bottled Fish can also be sold to the Buyer for 100 Rupees.

How do you get the Hylian Loach in Twilight Princess?

Hylian Loaches can be found around the Lily Pads at Hena’s Fishing Hole in Summer in Twilight Princess. They can only be reeled in by using the Frog Lure or the Sinking Lure. Young Hylian Loaches can also be caught in various places, including Hena’s Fishing Hole, by using the Fishing Rod while Bobber Fishing.

What is a sinking lure?

The Sinking Lure is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. This lure is illegal to use when fishing since it sinks straight to the bottom of the water, and attracts fish easily with its shiny surface.

How do you use a sinking lure?

Sinking lures generally sink one foot per second. If you know how deep the water is you can simply cast out then count down until the lure reaches a foot or two above the bottom. But if you don’t know how deep it is, simply cast out, then count until you feel your lure has touched bottom. Then reel the lure back in.

How many gold Skulltulas are there?

100 Gold SkulltulasThis guide shows the locations of the 100 Gold Skulltulas from the Nintendo 64 version and the Nintendo 3DS version. While the Gold Skulltulas are numbered in roughly the order you can collect them in, they are broken down by locations below.

How do I get bait in Zelda Twilight Princess?

If you need rupees to buy bait, you can climb up the ivy near where the nest fell and walk on the ledge on the tree to grab some rupees.

What’s the biggest fish you can catch in Ocarina of Time?

Hylian LoachAfter catching a 10+ pound fish as Young Link or a 15+ pound fish as Adult Link, you can find the Sinking Lure and catch the largest fish in the pond: the Hylian Loach. Note that if you catch the Hylian Loach, despite being the heaviest, your fish weight record will not be saved.

How do you not lose fish in Ocarina of Time?

While you reel in the fish always make sure that you hold the analog pad (left or right directions only) in whatever direction the fish is facing. Also when the fish is facing straight away from you and the line is coming from the left or right side, hold the analog pad in the same direction too.

How do you catch the biggest fish in Zelda Twilight Princess?

cast your sinking or frog lure toward it (prefurably the sinking lure), and it’ll bite. this will be very hard to catch, and it took me a few times, but if you manage to reel it in, great job. and thats how you catch the biggest fish in the game, the hylian loach.

How do you get Jabu Jabu fish?

It is, as the name suggests, set inside the belly of Lord Jabu-Jabu. To get inside the first time, Link has to catch a fish in a bottle, and then drop it in front of Lord Jabu-Jabu. Lord Jabu-Jabu will then open his mouth, and inhale Link along with the fish.

How do you catch the cat in Twilight Princess?

Once the bobber sinks below the water hit the button again to snag the fish on the line. Just keep holding the button and moving the rod back and forth if necessary, and you should pull the fish up. It will fly off onto the ground, the cat will grab it and run home, and you’re essentially all done.

How do you get the golden scale in Ocarina of Time?

The Golden Scale is rewarded by the owner of the Fishing Pond. It can be obtained after catching a 13-pound fish or bigger. After getting said item, Link can then proceed to the Lakeside Laboratory and do a small side quest for the Lake Scientist.

How do I get the fishing rod in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, Link can rent a Fishing Rod as a child and adult in the Fishing Pond located in Lake Hylia. For 20 Rupees, he can use it for as long as he wants.

How do you catch the Hylian Loach?

How to catch the Hylian LoachAs adult Link, head to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia. … Catch a regular fish (around 15 pounds) to get the golden scale from the pond’s owner.Find the sinking lure. … Once you’ve found it head back to the pond owner and talk to him. … Locate the Hylian Loach. … Cast your fishing line so the lure rests just behind the Loach.More items…•

How do I get a bigger wallet in Ocarina of Time?

Wallets in Ocarina of Time are obtained through the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. Once Link collects 10 Gold Skulltula Tokens, the first child will be freed from the curse and will give Link the Adult’s Wallet as thanks. The Adult’s Wallet increases Link’s Rupee capacity from 99 to 200.

Do you need the golden scale in Ocarina of Time?

The Golden Scale is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. … The Golden Scale is not needed to complete the game. Link is given the Golden Scale by the owner of the Lake Hylia Fishing Pond as a prize for catching a 14 pound (6 kg) fish or bigger. Normally, this can only be done when Link is an adult.

How many bottles can you get in Ocarina of Time?

Four BottlesOcarina of Time Four Bottles can be collected: Obtained from the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village by bringing all of her Cuccos back to their pen. Found underwater in Lake Hylia near the shortcut to Zora’s Domain containing Ruto’s letter.