Quick Answer: How Much Is Per Hour Job In Turkey?

What are the highest paying jobs in Turkey?

Best Paying Jobs in Turkey 2021Surgeons / Doctors.

Salary Range: from 14,600 TRY to 45,200 TRY.


Salary Range: from 12,200 TRY to 37,900 TRY.


Salary Range: from 9,900 TRY to 30,700 TRY.

Bank Managers.

Salary Range: from 9,320 TRY to 28,900 TRY.

Chief Executive Officers.

Chief Financial Officers.


College Professors.More items….

Is it easy to find a job in Turkey?

For most jobs, yes. However, if you’re planning to teach English and you’re a native speaker of the language, it’s actually very easy to get a job right now. Most of the foreigners have left the country, but the demand for their services has increased. Some major private schools are finding difficult to fill positions.

Is Turkey good place to live?

A survey of the best countries to live and work for foreigners put Turkey in the seventh spot for quality of life and high earnings. Turkey secured the seventh spot in a survey by HSBC Group among countries best for living and working. … Another 69 percent say they felt safe in Turkey and that locals were very friendly.

Is there job opportunity in Turkey?

Finding Jobs in Turkey: Holiday Reps, Teaching English & Internet Freelancing. Foreigners cannot do certain jobs in Turkey and these generally include hospitals, qualified trades, legal offices, etc. but there are other jobs when being a foreigner is actually an advantage.

How much do workers earn in Turkey?

Turkey rises the national minimum wage In 2020, the national minimum wage in Turkey remained fixed at 440.3 € per month, that is 5,284 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year.

Is Turkey cheap to live?

While living in Turkey is possbily cheaper than where you are now – the cost of living has risen quite dramatically over the last few years and it is no longer a cheap place to live. If you go – you need to be very aware that the 90 day visa rules are due for change. all this gloom and doom.

What jobs are in demand in Turkey?

Below is a list of the common Jobs in Turkey That Expats are likely to get:Customer care services. If you are a fluent English speaker, you have a high chance of getting a customer service job in Turkey. … Teach foreign languages. … Baby sitting. … Editing and Translating. … Sales specialist in Import-export. … About Author:

Is Turkey better than Dubai?

when doing a comparison of Dubai VS Istanbul, It is proven that not only the cost of living is cheaper than in Dubai, but the overall quality of life is much better in Turkey. More than the cost of living, Turkey offers many diverse opportunities for individuals, families and business people.

Do you tip waiters in Turkey?

tipping in restaurants in Turkey Don’t tip if you receive bad service. Tips must be in cash, preferably in Turkish Lira, and be given directly to the waiter. If you dine in luxury you should tip between 10% and 15%.

What is the average rent in Turkey?

By far, the most significant expense, wherever you live in Turkey is rent. On the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, expect to pay between 1.500 TL to 2.000 TL a month for a basic two-bedroom apartment.

Can I live permanently in Turkey?

To leave permanently in Turkey, first means that you should get a permanent residency in Turkey. There are several ways to get it, and owning a property is one of them. … The first permanent residency is issued for 1 year, which will allow you to stay in the country without any problem for the time authorized.

Can I migrate to Turkey?

If you wish to settle in Turkey and start your business or purchase a property, you may apply for a Residence Permit. There is no minimum investment amount required; you just have to prove that you own a property or you are running a business, and that you have sufficient financial means to live in the country.

How much do waiters earn in Turkey?

An entry level waiter (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 35.310 ₺. On the other end, a senior level waiter (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of 40.245 ₺.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Turkey?

A family that does not have to pay rent or a mortgage can have a good lifestyle for roughly 6.845 lira a month. However, on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, the cost of living drops dramatically. Compared with popular expat destinations like Fethiye, it is roughly 20% more expensive to live in Istanbul.

How much is a Turkish work visa?

Work and Residence permit fees for 2021WORK PERMIT FEETIME PERIODCARD FEETemporary Work Permit CertificateUp to 1 year (1 year included)125,00 TLIndefinite Work Permit Certificate125,00 TLIndependent Work Permit Certificate125,00 TLOct 12, 2020

How is life in Turkey for foreigners?

Living in Turkey is not expensive for foreigners from the EU and the US. Except for certain locations, housing and the cost of living is cheaper compared to that in their home countries. … Also the housing costs, options ranging from villas to apartment flats, are more reasonable in Turkey.

What is a good salary in Turkey?

A good salary for one person is above 5000 TL in my opinion. If both husband and wife are working you can have somewhat comfortable, decent life with 10000 TL. Unless you have a special condition.

What is the cheapest city to live in Turkey?

The cheapest cities in Turkey for living The cheapest Turkish cities to live in are: Sanliurfa, Kayseri, Mersin, Konya, Iskenderun, and Hatay which have a charming nature and a cheap standard of living, but very far from the capital.