Quick Answer: Do Guardians Age Destiny?

Can guardians die of old age?

We all know that a Guardian can be revived by his or her ghost when they are KIA.

It seems that Guardians go in cycles of being in a “Dead” state and “Living”, probably brought back to life as said-by the Light of the Traveler.


What makes a guardian?

Guardians take pride in being dependable and trustworthy; if there’s a job to be done, they can be counted on to put their shoulder to the wheel. Guardians also believe in law and order, and sometimes worry that respect for authority, even a fundamental sense of right and wrong, is being lost.

Are guardians immortal destiny?

Thanks to their Ghosts, Guardians are effectively immortal in most situations. … Guardians can also be killed permanently by destroying their Ghost first, removing their ability to resurrect, then killing the Guardian.

How old are the guardians in destiny?

Guardians don’t age so long as they have their ghost. It’s most likely that guardians are revived to the age that they were at their death during the collapse (so Saladin was probably quite old already when he first died). We’re not sure though if guardians do age after losing their ghost (eg. Eris Morn).

Do guardians live forever?

Guardians never die permanently, unless their ghost is destroyed, or their light is drained.

Do you get money for being a guardian?

When appointed by the court, a guardian makes decisions for the ward to ensure that the ward’s medical, social and emotional needs are met. Generally, a guardian is entitled to reasonable compensation. … A guardian is generally paid an amount which is not more than five percent of the ward’s yearly income.

Do guardians remember their past?

TL;DR: Guardians don’t remember specific memories, but they remember impressions of memories that had a deep, emotional impact.

How many Guardians are there?

5Now there are only 5 surviving Guardians: Ganthet, last of the original Guardians, Sayd, last of the reborn Guardians, Rami the renegade guardian, Zalla, and Paalko, last of the Templar guardians.

Do guardians eat destiny?

Cayde likes spicy ramen from a certain shop in the city (meaning after he became exo and rezzed), so they do eat.

Who killed Cayde 6?

Uldren SovIn Destiny Cayde-6 sold Hunter armor and emblems. In Destiny 2, Cayde-6 sold Scout Reports and maps to chests scattered around the system, which were left during his early travels. At the beginning of Forsaken, he was murdered in the Prison of Elders by Uldren Sov.

Is immortality possible?

Cryonics holds out the hope that the dead can be revived in the future, following sufficient medical advancements. While, as shown with creatures such as hydra and planarian worms, it is indeed possible for a creature to be biologically immortal, it is not known if it will be possible for humans in the near-future.