Question: Why Does My Vitamix Say E31?

Is vitamix really worth?

Getting an expensive blender like a Vitamix is absolutely worth the cost.

The iconic Vitamix 5200 is still my most recommended Vitamix blender model in terms of feature and price.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for a quieter and better cooling system, I would go with the Vitamix 750..

How do you remove the socket from a Vitamix?

Replacement Process:Turn off and unplug Vitamix.Remove centering pad.Line up the “Vitamix” name stamped on the top of the drive socket with the small hole in the back of the housing.Insert the allen wrench at a 45-degree angle into the hole and unscrew the drive socket.More items…

Why does my Vitamix stall?

Placing heavier, frozen items on top of lighter ingredients helps weigh them down and gets the blend moving faster. This can help prevent the blend from stalling, also called cavitation, which happens when air pockets form around the blades. Why you should almost always run your Vitamix blender on high.

How long should a Vitamix last?

5-10 YearDurability – Backed by 5-10 Year Full Warranties | Vitamix.

Can I put a whole apple in vitamix?

apple: Skin is fine, usually remove seeds, core, and stem. asparagus: I’ve always lightly steamed it before blending in a soup, but it can be consumed raw, so a raw soup might be worth trying. I remove the very bottom if it’s tough. … bell pepper: Usually remove the bulk of the seeds, but blending seeds is fine.

What’s better Vitamix or ninja?

The Vitamix scores slightly higher for making soup, but Ninja rates a little better for ease of use. They’re tied in the icy drinks, ice crushing, and noise tests. … Still, even if your Ninja blender breaks, you can buy three more and still come in under the price of one Vitamix.

What makes Vitamix so special?

Vitamix is a machine built around convenience. Its incredible processing speeds make complicated recipes, even hot soup recipes, in a matter of minutes. If you can afford to cut your cook times down to small fractions of the original, do something nice for your kitchen (and yourself) and splurge.

How do you reset a Vitamix?

To reduce the reset time, unplug the machine, remove the container, and blow air into the center section of the bottom with a hair dryer on the cool setting. 220 Volt machines: 220/240 motors are equipped with a reset button. If the motor shuts off, press the black reset button on the bottom of the machine.

Why does my Vitamix not work?

If you’ve ever had your Vitamix blender abruptly stop working, most likely it was the thermal override kicking in. The thermal override turns the motor off before the motor burns out. Then, once the motor cools, you can run it normally again.

Do Vitamix blenders have a lifetime warranty?

Vitamix is proud to stand behind the unmatched durability of its machines with a full warranty, covering all parts, performance and labor. If any part of your machine needs to be repaired or replaced during that time, we will take care of it at no charge, including two-way shipping.

Why does my Vitamix smell like burning?

Open Why does my machine smell like it’s burning? Although all motors are tested at the Vitamix® factory, heavy use will cause further curing of the motor windings. This curing gives off a burning smell and is typical for wound motors. … In addition, the Vitamix motor is designed to protect itself from overheating.

How often should I replace my Vitamix blade?

Open Do I need to replace my blade assembly? Blade assemblies are a wear item and require periodic replacement based on use. Vitamix® recommends inspecting blade assemblies weekly according to the Blender Care & Maintenance Guide instructions below.

What does e18 mean on vitamix?

container isn’t self-detecting properlyE18 means that the container isn’t self-detecting properly. If it still shows this message even when you aren’t using a container, call Vitamix Customer Service at 1-800-848-2649.

Can you break a Vitamix?

The tamper is designed to break before the blender does, so at least you don’t ruin the Vitamix, but the tamper is toast, and whatever you were making is also ruined because it’s full of tiny bits of plastic. … Update: There are now three different Vitamix tampers, so make sure you order the right one for your container.

What can you do with old vitamix?

If you are within 90 days of your machine purchase, you can still take advantage of the Vitamix Trade-in program. First, you must purchase a regularly priced new full size or reconditioned machine directly from Vitamix by calling 1-800-848-2649.

Why is my Vitamix making a weird noise?

The high-pitched sound may indicate that the blade bearing assembly is starting to break down. Please contact customer service to troubleshoot this problem.