Question: How Do I Get Red Mail?

How do you get to the 7th dungeon in Legend of Zelda?

Purchase the Bait for 60 rupees.

From the secret shop, go down two screens, left two screens, and up a screen to reach a pond.

Pull out the Whistle and use it, causing the pond to drain and a staircase to appear, revealing the entrance to the next dungeon..

How do you open the sealed chests in Chrono Trigger?

In 600 A.D. go to Guardia Castle, through the throne room and up the stairs on the left side. Select the chest and decline to open it. Go to 1000 A.D. and open it to get the Red Mail.

The Red Mail in A Link to the Past is found within Ganon’s Tower. It reduces damage by ¼ over the Green Jerkin and ½ over the Blue Mail. Although the Red Mail is not required to complete the game, it helps considerably with the rest of Ganon’s Tower and the fight with Ganon himself.

The fight will be easier if you visit the Li’l Devil hidden under the rock in the Mysterious Forest first, as it will double your Magic Powder capacity from 20 to 40. In any case, once you reach the end of the Color Dungeon, you will meet the Fairy Queen, who will offer you a choice of Red Mail or Blue Mail.

Where is Red Mail Chrono Trigger?

To obtain, open the Sealed Chest in Guardia Castle during the Middle Ages. An identical chest exists in the Present, when opened, Red Plate is obtained. If the player opens the chest first in the Middle Ages, the improved item is forever lost.

When the head moves up into the air, Link can leap up with Roc’s feather and slash it that way. After a number of hits the turtle head will be defeated, revealing the entrance to the next dungeon. Walk inside to take on the 8th and final dungeon, Turtle Rock.

Ghinis can be destroyed either by Sword attacks or by light from Torches.

Is Koholint Island real?

Many people who resemble the inhabitants of Hyrule live on this island. Although it appears to be a real place at first, the island is in fact only a dream of the Wind Fish.

If you don’t know the boss/enemy patterns for Hero Mode or don’t want to die, then the Blue Tunic is probably for you. Otherwise, the Red Tunic finishes fights faster.

In A Link Between Worlds, the Red Tunic can be found in the final dungeon, Lorule Castle. The Red Tunic can be found on floor 4F. Douse the torches on floor 4F in front of the large locked door with your sword to reveal a path to the large chest.

You’ll be on a cliff above the entrance to Turtle Rock. You’ll see an emblem matching the Quake Medallion on the floor in front of you. Stand on it and use the Quake Medallion to make the door to Turtle Rock open. Once that’s said and done, jump off of the cliff and enter Turtle Rock!

Does red mail and Koholint sword stack?

It appears to, yes. The Koholint Sword on its own takes four hits to defeat the ghosts in the Cemetery and three hits if you’re wearing the red mail. The two of them won’t stack with a Piece of Power, though, it seems. Even with all three upgrades, the ghosts still die after three hits, so there appears to be a limit.