Question: Does Chell Have Brain Damage?

How old is Chell in Portal?

Chell in Portal LOOKS to be in her early twenties or late teens….

It would make sense that during Aperture’s BYDTWD she was around ten or eleven.

Meaning she is in Portal 1 most likely 17 or 18… In Portal 2 Chell was awoken after 9999999 years….

Is Chell Caroline’s daughter?

It is established thoughout the games in Ratman dens that Ratman was once an Aperture employee who survived Glados wrath and hides from her. Chell, on the other hand, is spared because she is Caroline’s daughter.

Is Ratman Chell’s dad?

The only way it could be his fault she was down there is if he took her to Aperture on bring your daughter to work day, meaning that Ratman is Chell’s dad. … Except that Chell is more likely adopted. Glados in her potato form still refers to Chell as adopted, and Wheatley too.

Why is Aperture Science abandoned?

By the 1970s, Aperture Science was financially unstable. The Olympians, astronauts and war heroes that were used as test subjects were replaced with vagrants who were paid $60 for their time. Aperture Science would continue its research and created Propulsion Gel.

Does GLaDOS care about Chell?

GLaDOS truely likes Chell, she defines her as a very close friend.

Does Chell die?

Its unclear when Chell died, but she definitely died at the end of Portal 2.

Is Chell a mute?

Chell is the silent protagonist in the Portal video game series developed by Valve. She appears in both Portal and Portal 2 as the main player character.

Can GLaDOS defeat combine?

Maybe in the next Half-Life game, GLaDOS is one of the game’s bosses and if Gordon Freeman destroys it, the Combine loses the control of the Overwatch and they can join the Resistance to defeat the Combine (Synths don’t seem to be under control of the Overwatch Voice so they can’t join the Resistance, they still have …

Is Caroline chells mom?

Portal Theory: Caroline/GLaDOS and Cave Johnson are Chell’s parents. To start off, when you walk in to the room where “bring your daughter to work” day was held, you will notice an experiment involving a potato that has grown to a huge size.

Who drags Chell back into Aperture?

Overview. GLaDOS’ remains on the Aperture Laboratories parking lot shortly before Chell is dragged away by the Party Escort Bot. The party associate is first mentioned by GLaDOS after Chell escapes certain death at the end of Test Chamber 19.

Is Wheatley dead?

Wheatley is crushed by GLaDOS’ pincers and tossed to the side and Chell is placed back in GLaDOS’ testing tracks. However, he somehow survives and is placed back on his management rail, due to an incident involving a bird (Wheatley attempts to explain the events of this incident to Chell, but it is not heard in full).

Will there be a Portal 3?

But now that it’s been almost a decade since the second Portal debuted, many wonder if Portal 3 will ever see the light of day. … However, it appears as though Valve has no interest in creating a third Portal game, and for various reasons. For one, the company infamously stops its franchises with the second sequel.

Why is Wheatley evil?

Wheatley is just incompetent at the beginning, but also kind (he tried to help Chell escape). He, and the others like him, were designed to impede/control GLaDOS with their bad ideas. … So, to answer your question, Wheatley was corrupted by GLaDOS’s programming.

What happened to Chell?

Chell is dragged with her and ends up among GLaDOS’ remains on the parking lot in front of the Aperture Labs entrance, only to be dragged back inside and placed in stasis by the Party Escort Bot. Despite GLaDOS’ apparent destruction, only a part of her was destroyed.

Was Wheatley a human?

Background Story. While the original was created by Aperture Science; human Wheatley was an employee, until he got fired by Cave Johnson for “being in a wheelchair”. His extreme incompetence was not picked up on by his boss, since he was quick to blame an entire team over a mistake.

Why did GLaDOS save Chell?

on top of the Caroline thing, GLaDOS NEEDS Chell alive because GLaDOS NEEDS to test or else she feels pain. … They had the cooperative testing initiative, with Atlas and P-body, so, Glados did still have test subjects, they just were not human.

Is Chell a human?

Chell is most likely an orphan because GlaDOS killed her parents. … The fact that the gel does not harm Chell can then be best explained by gameplay-story segregation. This is evidence that she may not be a normal human, but all of the other evidence points to her being a human.

Is Caroline a GLaDOS?

It is never made clear how much of GLaDOS was Caroline. The line “Now little Caroline is in here too” from the closing song “Want You Gone” suggests Caroline is still somewhere in GLaDOS’ memory. Voice actress Ellen McLain stated on a panel at Anime Midwest 2011, that to her belief, Caroline is not deleted at all.