Is Netflix Losing Money Due To Cuties?

What is Netflix’s response to cuties?

In a letter dated Sept.

18, Netflix responded to Lee, stating in bold letters: “Netflix opposes the exploitation of children.

Cuties is a film that exposes and condemns the persistent problem of the sexualization of girls in society.”.

Is Netflix losing money because of cuties?

“Cuties” turned out to be ugly for Netflix. The streaming service has watched subscription cancellations skyrocket by 800% after the French coming-of-age film triggered a boycott in early September, analyses show.

How many Netflix Cancelled cuties?

Did many people actually follow through on their threat to drop their subscriptions? According to Variety, which cited data by 7Park, Netflix cancellations hit five times their typical “churn rate” in the week following the #CancelNetflix campaign, before returning to their normal rate about a week later.

Why is cuties on Netflix controversial?

The French coming-of-age film “Cuties” first courted controversy with marketing material showing 11-year-old girls in suggestive poses but the tumult has really hit a fever pitch since its release, with U.S. congressmen calling for Netflix to remove the film and asking authorities to investigate whether the streaming …

Did Netflix lose 9 billion over cuties?

Netflix has lost over $9 billion in market value since the #CancelNetflix hashtag went viral. Good. Any network that promotes pedophelia should fall. “Cuties” received multiple awards at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Is Netflix going out of business?

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is closing out at amazing decade. Shares of the leading streaming network are up a whopping 4,180% since the start of 2010. … Streaming has now gone mainstream, and the company needs to prove that the $15 billion-plus it’s spending on content annually is going to pay off.

Is cuties a Netflix original?

Cuties (French: Mignonnes) is a 2020 French coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré in her feature directorial debut. It was released in France on 19 August by BAC Films and internationally on 9 September on Netflix. …

Why is Netflix cuties rated MA?

The movie has a rating of TV-MA, which means that it is not meant to be seen by people under the age of 17. This took people by surprise because the movie is about 11-year-old girls, which has led people to believe that it is inappropriate and objectifying children for “adult entertainment.”