How Much Did Tom Holland Make For Spiderman?

How much did Tom Holland make for endgame?

When it comes to his earnings for these new Avengers movies, Tom Holland is believed to have made a reported $3 million for his work in Infinity War, and he is expected to make around the same amount of money for his work in Endgame.

The actor is certainly on the up-and-up..

How much did Zendaya get paid for Spider Man far from home?

7 Zendaya Coleman – $5 Million.

How much did Tobey Maguire make for Spiderman?

‘” Maguire reportedly made $17 million for Spider-Man 2, often regarded as one of the best superhero films ever made.

Will there be a spider man 4 with Tom Holland?

The next “Spider-Man” film starring Tom Holland is scheduled to be released on July 16, 2021. “We have had a great collaboration over the last four years, and our mutual desire to continue was equal to that of the many fans,” Sony Pictures said in a tweet on Friday. “We are delighted to be moving forward together.”

Who Is Highest Paid avenger?

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth beat Robert Downey Jr as the highest paid actor in the Avengers. The Thor star made $76 million in 2019, as opposed to Downey Jr’s $66 million, as per Forbes Celebrity 100 List.

Who is the richest actor?

Let’s read about the top ten richest actors in the world.Shah Rukh Khan. … Tom Cruise. … George Clooney. … Mel Gibson. Net Worth: 425 million dollars. … Adam Sandler. Net Worth: 420 million dollars. … Amitabh Bachchan. Net Worth: 400 million dollars. … Jack Nicholson. Net Worth: 400 million dollars. … Bill Cosby. Net Worth: 400 million dollars.More items…•