How Many Bottles Can You Get In Ocarina Of Time?

How do I get past King Zora in Ocarina of Time?

Dive down the waterfall and go into the underwater tunnel to Lake Hylia.

There’s a bottle underwater nearby so grab it and show the letter inside to King Zora.

Stand on the pedestal in front of him, target King Zora and use the bottle with the letter inside..

How do you get all 4 bottles in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time Four Bottles can be collected: Obtained from the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village by bringing all of her Cuccos back to their pen. Found underwater in Lake Hylia near the shortcut to Zora’s Domain containing Ruto’s letter. Obtained after winning the Super Cucco-findin’ Game in Lon Lon Ranch.

What do you get for catching the Hylian Loach?

Once Link catches the Hyrule Loach and takes it to the Fishing Hole Man, he will tell Link that the fish population’s number has decreased and releases it instead of keeping it in the fish tank. He will also give the hero a reward of 50 Rupees.

How many bottles are there in Ocarina of Time?

fourThere are four empty bottles that you can collect throughout Hyrule. These bottles can be used to carry anything, from fairies to potions to bugs and everything in-between!

How do you get more bottles in Ocarina of Time?

Using the Silver Scale, you can swim deep underneath the water at Zora’s Domain, where there is a tunnel that connects with Lake Hylia. Once you arrive at Lake Hylia, you will notice a bottle nearby. Swim all the way down to retrieve the bottle, which has Ruto’s Letter inside.

How many golden skull tokens are in Ocarina of Time?

100 Gold SkulltulasThis guide shows the locations of the 100 Gold Skulltulas from the Nintendo 64 version and the Nintendo 3DS version. While the Gold Skulltulas are numbered in roughly the order you can collect them in, they are broken down by locations below.