How Can I Pass My CSS Exam In First Attempt?

Does height matter in CSS?

Height is not the main factor of CSS rules.

But somehow it matters a lot, therefore, you have to keep it in your mind for absolute success in CSS Exam..

How can I prepare myself for CSS exam?

7 Key Points For A Smarter CSS Exam Preparation1) Analyze Past Papers of Last 5 Years. … 2) Choose Optional Subjects of Interests. … 3) Special Focus on English. … 4) Write, At least 3 Hours Everyday. … 5) Practice Testing. … 6) Effective Time Management. … 7) Stress Management. … Good luck, you’re better than you know.

How many students are selected in CSS?

The CSS examination is extremely competitive ; for every one aspirant selected there are 200 who are not; in 2015, more than 36000 candidates competed for 158 post as compared to 2011 when approximately 19,000 candidates participated in the open public examination of the civil service; only 8.0% of them were qualified …

Can an average student pass CSS?

An average student with steady preparation can pass the exam but a bright student with over confidence will fail in all of three chances. Be confident and forget your overconfidence. Study hard so you could stand amongst the top ten.

What is CSS salary?

CSS SalariesJob TitleSalaryAt Home CSS salaries – 8 salaries reported$11/hrReedGroup CSS salaries – 8 salaries reported$15/hrMcNichols Company CSS salaries – 8 salaries reported$49,268/yrBurrell Behavioral Health CSS salaries – 7 salaries reported$15/hr16 more rows•Aug 28, 2020

Which field is best for CSS?

For Police, Criminology and other related Social Sciences subjects will help you a lot. Public Administration, Governance and Public Policy, Political Sciences, International Relations are generally the best options for the students aiming for CSS.

How difficult is CSS?

It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. … Preparation for each Paper: CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers.

How can I attempt a question in CSS exam?

PresentationAttempt one question in 35 minutes. … The length of the answers to each question should be more or less the same. … Make an apt use of markers. … Your paper should be neat. … In order to maintain neatness, you may use 1 ballpoint and 1 marker for attempting each question – 4 ball points and markers for one paper.

How can I improve my English in CSS exam?

How to Improve English for CSS & Other Competitive ExaminationsRead Editorial Pages. Start reading the editorial pages of a good newspaper. … Develop the Habit of Listening. Start listening to conversations in the English language. … Speak English. … Write, Write and Write. … Get Feedback. … Conclusion. … Major Mistakes Reported by CSS Examiners. … A Golden Tip Learn Word Roots.

Is LLB good for CSS?

You can appear in the CSS examination after getting your LLB degree. In my opinion a Law Graduate has an edge over the other CSS candidates while choosing the optional subjects of CSS examination. Law graduate can also appear in the competitive examination for Civil Judges. … However, you can also apply before LLB.

Can we do CSS after FSC?

According to my knowledge the best fields after FSC for cracking CSS are International relations, Governance, Public administration and Public policy. Also a BS in History can help. … Like if you want to go into Foreign Services, then International Relations and Political science are the best subjects to study.

How do you qualify for CSS?

CSS Eligibility Criteria:Age Limits: Minimum 21 years – Maximum 30 Years. … EDUCATION. At least a Second Division or Grade “C” Bachelor’s degree of Pakistani or of a foreign University recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. … NATIONALITY. A Citizen of Pakistan or State of Jammu and Kashmir. … DOMICILE.

What are jobs after CSS?

Here you can find a list of posts after passing CSS Exam. You have 12 groups below to select one of the field group you want to join….COMMERCE & TRADE GROUP.Number of postScale divisionCommercial Secretary.BS-18Commercial Counselor.BS-19Consul General.BS-20Minister( Economic or trade ).BS-211 more row

Is CSS in Pakistan worth it?

CSS exam provides the state the people who would run its affairs for at least 30 years to come; and this state genuinely deserves to have the best lot. This is an attempt to assure the best minds of this country that if they decide to burn the midnight oil for CSS preparation, it is really worth it!

How many times we can attempt CSS?

Basic things to know about CSS Exam A candidate cannot appear in CSS exam more than three times. The age of the applicant for CSS exam calculated on the 31st December of the year of applying. This means for applying for CSS 2018, your age on 31st December 2017 must not be more than 30 years or less than 21 years.

How long does it take to prepare for CSS?

5-6 months time is considered a good period of time for preparation of CSS Exam. Even though there are few exceptions that succeeded in getting through the CSS Exam in three months preparation. Sheer hard work has no substitute but well directed hard work is required.

What are the passing marks in CSS?

To pass this exam you need to score at least 600 marks. However, your allocation is possible if you score around 650 marks in the written exam and around 180 out of 300 marks in the interview but merit is different for different provinces and each province has a specific quota.

How hard is CSS exam?

In short, passing the CSS examination is not getting difficult. Prospective CSS candidates make it difficult for themselves.