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Below are softwares licensed under xbuzznet community standards.



Ultimate Online Student community. Built for students to connect among themselves and learn together, Making college life More easier.



Blog writing software built for bloggers to write blog post at ease and share ideas whenever inspiration comes.



Soundbuzz is a Music player and online music streaming software Built for musical artist and Disk jorkeys to Share thier talents to reach more users.

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Innovating Technologies and softwares that gives oppurtunity to users to make sharing of ideas and other human ativities possible online.

We are fast rising

We use advert and premium service as business point, inorder to make our services free to use.

We've been working so hard, Developing platforms for the users, that will be free to use, And this makes us unique.

- Wisdom Chidozie - Founder

Everybody cares about what they do. So making something innovative is what i love to do.

- Eniola Sanni - Developer

It amaze me when i see something i contributed on reached the masses, and that's a good reason why working with xbuzznet has been a Joy to me.

- Bravolee - Graphics Designer